Psuedomacdesktop Documentation:

About Psuedomacdesktop:

Psuedomacdesktop is a project started in late October 2008 to facilitate learning html and css. It's only meant to be, for now, a copy of my actual desktop on my osx86. I hope it becomes extensible, though.

About me:

I prefer to have someone else do the technical work while I direct. For instance, I direct a mean loaf of sourdough. But I do it with a terribly small amount of work and all of my work, design. I portion out the ingredients and mix them, then at the end I shape and put the dough in the oven, but the microbes do all the techie work. I don't even bother kneading.

About this page:

This page was built 05/11/2008 to document my work on the psuedomacdesktop webpage. Why build the webpage? Because it's a fun way to learn xhtml/css skills and will be conducive to beginning my education in javascript as well.

Thanks to:

onemanstrash for being the catalyst. Diabiolik1605 for the inspiration. oksushi for help helping out via #css.Thanks to Patricks Griffith and Dan Webb for some started html and css for my dropdown lists. w3, Can't give thanks enough to Mozilla, Firebug and Google et al for taking care of everything. There are many sites and individuals not listed individually. Sorry about that, but if you weren't listed by name, I modified what I found to the extent it would now be unrecognizeable.



001 This is not the first version of the page. It's the first version that looked good enough to m,y standards. Unfortunately, it is _entirely_ static. This has to change.

002 I'm working on changing the h1 menubar to a list in order to facilitate the drop down menus. Now working on positioning of the menu, I'm wondering, though, whether I'd be better off pulling the drop down menus out of the h1 menu items in 001. I'm not even sure if that's possible with just css, though.